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Spa Day begins next week!


We are super excited for you all to hear our latest creation, "Spa Day," which is set to debut on the Seasons Channel.

Next Monday, 1/13/20, we will switch over from the Santa playlist on the Seasons Channel, and usher in Spa Day!

If you love the "Bedtime Disney" programming on the main Sorcerer Radio channel, then you are going to fall in love with Spa Day.

We have taken the most relaxing tracks from our Bedtime Disney lineup and combined them with some amazing Disney piano, bossa nova and contemporary creations that are a perfect addition to what is going to be an amazing compilation of music.

This will be the perfect lineup if you are at work, studying, yoga  and... oh yea, maybe at the spa.

To top it all off, our Listener Request system will be available for Spa Day as well, so you will be able to request all of your favorites from our awesome playlist.


We hope to see you all there next Monday on the Seasons Channel for Spa Day!