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Claw Machines and Game Prizes Getting Canned at Disney Arcades

Claw Machines and Game Prizes Getting Canned at Disney Arcades

Walt Disney Resorts and Parks are home to many arcade areas where kids can spend some down time.  These arcades are about to undergo a big change with the removal of the popular claw machine and prize redemption desks and it's likely because of an internet cafe.  What?

Disney has acknowledged that they are closing down their claw machines and prize redemption desks, but would not give further details.  Recently, Florida's arcade entertainment establishments have been under fire by a little known law that is coming to the surface in light of some recent lawsuits.

It would appear that Disney is getting an early jump on this to avoid litigation of a 2013 law that has been plaguing other establishments. Opponents have already sued a Florida-based internet cafe, Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Buster’s, saying the chains are in violation 2013 law.

The law states that  for each game played, players cannot win prizes valued at more than 75 cents. Also, adding to the trouble, games must only be coin-operated.  As most Disney park-goers know, Disney arcades use cards.

“I’m sure Disney’s the last place in the world that wants to get accused of operating a gambling house,” said Florida Arcade and Bingo Association attorney Michael Wolf in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel.

Some of the arcades that will be hit with these changes are Pizza Planet, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, the Contemporary, All-Star Sports, All-Star Movies, Pop Century and Art of Animation. The Tomorrowland Arcade in the Magic Kingdom will close on Feb 8th to make these changes as well.

The Disney castmembers that are affected by this change will not be fired, but will be moved to other areas of the Disney Resort.

Litigation continues on this issue on both sides of the aisle, but it's apparent that Disney is taking no chances with the new law and is making the changes necessary until a clearer picture emerges.  Here is hoping that the prizes and claw machines can return sometime in the future.

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