Welcome to "Seasons" on Sorcerer Radio

Unlike Sorcerer Radio and Atmospheres, "Seasons" will have a rotating schedule based on a specific time of year and will play Disney music that will get you in the mood for whichever time of year it is.  

"Seasons" will also be the home for the popular "Santa" and "Halloween Magic" music, along with many other new creations.  

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"Seasons" Yearly Schedule 

Dates ​Show ​Description


​Jan 2 - Jan -13 Santa Disney Christmas and Holiday music
Jan -14 - Feb 23 Spa Day ​Soft Disney music and Disney love songs.
​Feb 24 - March 31 Party Gras Upbeat Disney music
​April 1- April 30 ​Flower n Garden Radio ​All Epcot music 
​May 1 - May 31 ​Waves ​Disney Music to get your summer vibes going.  
​July 1 - July 22 ​Disney Christmas in July ​"Santa" music playlist
​July 22 - Sep 13 Waves ​​Disney Music to get your summer vibes going.  
​Sep 14 - Nov 1 ​Halloween Magic ​Disney Halloween music to scare up the season
​Nov 1 - Dec 30 Santa ​Two months of Disney Christmas and Holiday music
​Dec 31 - Jan 1 ​Celebration ​Home of the SR New Year's party as well as Disney Dance remixes
​Dates / Shows are subject to change


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