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Win some SR swag with your social media account. The Summer of Sorcerer Radio is here!


Sorcerer Radio is one big family, and this summer, we are working on connecting our listeners  to other Sorcerer Radio fans via social media. 

Not only that, but you can win some cool Sorcerer Radio swag in the process!  

It's super easy and all it takes is a social media account, a camera... and you!


Stop in front of your favorite Disney World photo spot and snap a selfie. Then, on social media, use the hashtag, #summerofsorcererradio between now and Labor Day and you will be entered to win some Sorcerer Radio swag!

We will also post your selfie to our social media account and you will have to opportunity to connect with all of our fellow Sorcerer Radio listeners.


A random selfie will be chosen every Monday. We will contact you via your social media account to notify you of your SR swag score.


Posters must be using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and must use the hashtag #SummerOfSorcererRadio

All selfies must be from a Disney theme park

You may enter as many selfies as you would like but can not reuse the same selfie/park location

Contest ends on September 2, 2019

Only valid for United States residents

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