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Where in the world are the Disney characters?

Where in the world are the Disney characters?

A few weeks ago, I was surfing around the inter-tubes and I ran across a really neat Disney character map created by theantilove.deviantart.com.  The map is a flowchart of all of the Disney/Pixar movies and where the movies take place. While I've never put too much though into this, it was interesting to see. 

At first glance, you notice the obvious.... "Hey, Aladdin is in the Middle East" and "Stitch is in Hawaii".  Then I began to notice some of the interesting items.  No Disney movies in Japan, New Zealand or Russia... and sorry Iceland, no movie for you either.

Some of the locations kind of blew my mind.  "It's a Bugs Life" was in New Mexico???  Really?  And maybe I missed something, as it has been a while since I've seen "Dumbo", but did it really take place in Florida? 

If you are wondering how they handled Wall-E, see the bottom left of the map, where it is hanging out with Monsters Inc., Wreck it Ralph and a few others who are located in un-mappable areas.  Check out the map for yourself and let us know what locations had you intrigued.

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