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Two Friends ride every Disney World ride in one day

Two Friends ride every Disney World ride in one day

What do you get when you mix 46 Disney rides, 22 miles of running, 17 hours of park time and 2 die hard Disney park fans?  You get Shane Lindsay and Ted Tamburo, two Disney fans who set out to go on every Walt Disney World park ride in 1 day.

 How did they do it?  It's the fist question you will hear out of all Disney park followers and fans when they first hear of this story.

"We pretty much mapped out how we were going to approach the day. We started at Hollywood Studios to try to hit some of the big rides there and then kind of proceeded from there to hit all the four different parks," said Lindsay. 

As they weaved their way through the parks, the Disney pair munched on power bars and water while taking no breaks.

As kids growing up in the mid-west, Lindsay and Tamburo would often visit Disney World with their parents and the two met in an AOL chat room many years ago.  Fittingly, the chat room was about theme parks. 

The two had talked about this dream of riding every Disney ride attraction in one day and had actually attempted the feat one previous time.  That particular attempt was thwarted with rain and a delayed opening for the Toy Story Mania ride.

The pair relied on a lot of planning and set up an itinerary to complete the task.  But as any Disney guest knows, the parks are unpredictable and no plan is perfect. "I mean, you're running a marathon and you're trying to do a logic puzzle and every now and then, the logic puzzle switches up on you," said Lindsay.

Lindsay expressed that the main keys to their journey was time management, single rider lines and fast passes.  After 22 miles, 17 hours and 46 rides, the two friends completed what some thought would be an impossible task.

Quote source:WKMG-TV

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