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The Gen 4 "Sunshine" Button is here!


Since the beginning of Sorcerer Radio, we have been releasing buttons.  We started out, long ago, with some buttons in our pocket to hand out to our lucky SR listeners.  If you have a Gen 1 button, you are fortunate because there were only 60 made.  Since then, we have gone on to release two more and now we are revealing our latest collector button.  But first... a brief history.

Gen 1 "Sorcerer Radio" button

This thing is so rare that we don't even have one... so you'll have to take our word for it.  It kind of looked like what's on the left... only round... and less fancy.

Gen 2 "Green Envy" button

This button marked the change to our new color scheme and is one of my personal favorites.  While we have sold out of this one, you can occasionally catch a few riding around on a backpack at the parks.

Gen 3 "Love & Listen" button

This button was the smallest button that we've created, but it packs a punch with its bold red SR ears logo.  These are still available in the SR shop and can be found at meets when we're throwing swag around. Get a Love & Listen Button

Gen 4 "Sunshine" button

This button is our largest button and by far our most colorful.  We've strayed away from our normal color scheme to bring you some sunshine and we know you see the Spaceship Earth inspiration.  This is the first button that we've created with our newly modified logo and text design.  Another really cool feature that we've added to this button is that the rim of the button is emblazoned with the SR slogan and URL.  Get your Sunshine Button 

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