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SR Listener Cheat Sheet


Sorcerer Radio has over 48 hours of Disney park audio and a wide assortment of shows and audio from the Disney parks.  That's a lot of Disney music! To make it easy for you all to catch up on some of our favorite shows and specials, we have created the "Listener Cheat Sheet".  This will keep you from missing out on any of the magic!  For all of our show times, check out the Broadcast Schedule, or just keep SR blasting your favorite Disney tunes 24/7.

Daily Must-Dos

Good Morning Disney - Wake up every morning with you favorite Disney park tunes (5-8am)

Epcot Hour - Enjoy the sounds of the Epcot Theme park everyday (11am-12pm)

Magic Kingdom Hour - Relive your trip to the Magic Kingdom every afternoon (2-3pm)

Nighttime Spectacular - Take a journey every night into the wonderful nightime Disney shows (9-10pm)

Bedtime Disney - Relax for that nighttime sleep session with soothing Disney park tunes (10pm-2am)

Weekly Features

Mondays - SRN Top Ten Countdown Show @ 8am /// WDW Tiki Room Morning Show @ 1pm

Tuesdays - The Animation Courtyard @ 8am /// Loopy Tuesday @ 1pm

Wednesdays - The Sorcom Review @ 8am /// Lunchtime Request Hour @ 1pm

Thursdays Disney Trip Tips @ 8am /// Touring the World @ 1pm

Fridays - DW:60 @ 8am 

Saturdays - Rebel Force Radio @ 7pm /// Mighty Marvel Geeks @ 8pm

Sundays - SRN Top Ten Countdown Show @ 10am


Did you know that all of our weekday shows replay every night that they air?  replays begin at 6PM eastern.  Check out the Broadcast Schedule for exact times.

all times eastern - check the broadcast schedule for replay times

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