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Sorcerer Radio’s Disney 411 News is back!


Sorcerer Radio's Disney 411 has been off for the holiday season but we are excited to announce that it will start back up again next week.  

"Sorcerer Radio's Disney 411 News" is our quick take on the latest breaking news and updates from the Disney Parks and the Walt Disney Company.  Jeff Davis will bring you these updates fast,  to the point and on  various days throughout the week. 

"Sorcerer Radio's Disney 411 News" will feature breaking news that we will be offering five times during the day so that all of our listeners have a chance to keep up with the ongoing Disney happenings. These shows will normally run under 10 minutes, dependent on the current level of news.

You can catch "Sorcerer Radio's Disney 411 News" beginning  at the tops of the hours below:
- 7:00 am
- 11:00 am
- 2:00 pm
- 4:00 pm
- 10:00 pm

(all times eastern)
(if a show does not begin at the top of the hour, it will follow the song that is playing at that time)

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