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Sorcerer Radio Announces New "Season" for June


Many have noticed that the month of June has been left blank on the Seasons channel player window and page.

Some of the speculation has been... will "Waves" continue into the entire month of June, or does SR have a trick up their sleeves?

Well, you know us...  for a while we have been receiving emails about an all resort channel, and while we don't normally just throw channels up there without a huge need, we decided this would be a good chance to try out an all resort "season".  

So, beginning on June 1st, all of you Disney Hotel Resort fans will get your wish.  We will introduce our newest Seasons show "Staycation."  

Staycation will have you relaxing at your home resorts, and even those you may have never visited.   

From Pop Century to Animal Kingdom Lodge and even Disneyland's Grand Californian.

So on June 1st, why not hang up your park gear and relax at the Disney resorts with us and enjoy the SR Staycation.

You can hear Seasons here, and you can also request your favorite Seasons songs on our request page.

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