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Sorcerer Radio Announces New Channel, "Planet D"


​Sorcerer Radio continues to grow and we are so grateful for all of the support that you have bestowed upon us. We have seen amazing success with our main station, Atmospheres and Seasons, and we are up for a new challenge.

With so much music out there, on regular radio,  that's not family friendly, we wanted to try something new.  Sometimes you may not want to mellow out to the smooth sounds of Atmospheres.  You want something fun and upbeat, and you want to be able to play it in front of all of your family members without being turned off by the lyrical content.  Now we have what you are looking for.

Planet D will be a slight departure from what we currently have on the site, as it will not be driven by the Disney parks.  Planet D will feature Indie Disney pop remakes, Disney park remakes, Disney remixes as well as music by your favorite Disney pop stars.

Beginning on October 21st, fans will be able to listen to our latest creation, 'Planet D'

Tune in on the Sorcerer Radio apps, Mobile players & Roku.  Amazon Alexa phrase coming soon.

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