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Soaring over the Horizon at Epcot?

Soaring over the Horizon at Epcot?

The Shanghai Disneyland presentation is only 24 hours old and we are already hearing rumors about a specific ride, that was mentioned in yesterday's Disney park news, and its possible appearance at Epcot.

Adventure Isle is an area of Shanghai Disneyland that will house a hidden land with grandiose rides and immersive themeing.  One ride that has Epcot fans excited is called "Soaring over the Horizon". 

Fans have been clamoring for an update to the popular Soarin' attraction and rumors are already spreading about the addition of "Soaring over the Horizon" to Epcot in Walt Disney World.

What will we be soaring over this time?  That's not clear at the moment, but a while back, Epcot castmembers confirmed that Disney performed an Epcot flyover for filming purposes, so seeing "Soaring over the Horizon" make an appearance in Epcot would not be a stretch.

Here are some renderings we did a while back, showcasing what we could soar over this time around.


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