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Soarin' Into the Future

Soarin' Into the Future

Soarin' has had a wonderful run since joining the cast of Epcot.  Since 2005 it has been a "must-do" attraction at Epcot, which to many, is a park that is lacking in the "thrill" department.  Even though it was a duplicate of the "Soarin' Over California" ride, it was a much needed e-ticket attraction for Epcot. Lately, rumors have been flying about a new Soarin' film, and even a third ride area, which would ease wait times.

Disney has made no secret that they are filming for the Soarin film, as some castmembers were informed a few months ago of an Epcot fly-over for the film.  Much speculation is going around but Disney has stated that the release for Soarin' Around the World will be in 2016 at Epcot and DCA. 

What will we see in the new Soarin?  We can speculate with our own ideas.

How about Soarin over Dubai?


or Soarin' over Vegas


or Soarin' over Victoria falls


or Soarin' over Cancun


maybe even Soarin' over Hawaii.


What do you think will be in the next Soarin' film?




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