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Restaurant Review: Trattoria al Forno


Trattoria al Forno at Disney's Boardwalk

One of the better restaurants I've been to in recent years was Trattoria a Forno at Disney's Boardwalk. The restaurantis a short boat ride away from Disney Studios and Epcot and offers Italian fare that is good and well presented. My 2017 visit to Walt Disney World during November included a meal at the Trattoria and I found that the scenery and atmosphere at Disney's Boardwalk were Amazing and even better after nightfall.

We left Disney Studios around 4:00 pm with advanced dining reservations made for 5:00pm. This was the first time I have been to the Boardwalk and wanted to see Christmas decorations and the scenery. The temperatures were dropping from a warm November day in Orlando and the Hotel was clean, tidy, fragrant, and well decorated. There was a short wait for the boat departing from Hollywood Studios but after one boat filled up, another was soon to stop by and we boarded and were on our way to the Hotel around5:10pm.

Surprisingly, we had enoughtime to visit the Christmas tree centerpiece in the courtyard area as well as the lobby and take pictures in both places before the restaurant opened. We were seated around 4:50pm and got to meet our waiter who was from Italy. He was a great server and explained everything to us about the restaurant, dining plan, and a little about himself.

The menu had a lot of pastas, wines, and stuff for the kids. I ended up going with the fresh fish plate with roasted vegetables. The dinner was out of this world. They brought a whole fish out to our table then proceeded to fillet the fish in front of me. The food was fresh and a great way to end the day at Hollywood Studios. Everybody else in my travel party went with the pastas and they also enjoyed their meals.

I highly recommend Trattoria Al Forno on your next visit to Disney. Remember, that it is a short boat ride away from Disney Studios and Epcot, and the Atmosphere at the Boardwalk Inn is utterly fantastic!!!

Jeremy L. Arena


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