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Officers send 10-year-old to Disneyland after thieves steal ticket money

A 10-year-old girl who dreamed of going to Disneyland almost had her hopes dashed after thieves broke into her east Salinas home and stole the $200 she had been saving all year for the trip.

“I was so happy to go but when they robbed me I thought I wasn’t going to go anymore,” said Andrea Ramirez.

When Andrea and her family showed up at police headquarters to report they had been burglarized, police not only took a report but took it upon themselves to make sure the young girl made it to Disneyland.

“Our police officers said 'no way, not on my watch, it was bad enough the burglary happened but we got to make this good for this little girl,'” said police chief Adele Frese.

The chief says police and community service officers “opened their hearts and their wallets” for the 5th grader.

Then police called the girl and her family to the station on the ruse they wanted them to identify some of their stolen property.

When Andrea showed up, police gave her Mickey Mouse cards and more than a thousand dollars in cash.

“When they did that, they gave me a bunch of money that I couldn’t believe it, it was amazing,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez who snapped pictures with Disney characters brought back souvenirs for the whole family and said she was thankful to Salinas police for making her dream come true.

“I don’t know what to say but they’re super nice and they have a big heart to everybody that they help,” said Ramirez.

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