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New Future World Breakdown


Now that the dust has settled from the D23 Expo, it's now our job, as Disney enthusiasts, to analyze and delve into what we have been presented.  One of the more interesting items that was on display at the Disney Parks panel, was the rendering of the "New Future World" in Epcot.  We scoured this image and looked for updates and changes, and here's our take. 

  1.  It appears that the building that currently sits behind Spaceship Earth will be removed or at least reconstructed into something different, than the building that is standing today.
  2. This looks to be the Fountain of Nations.  We would assume that this will be kept in its current form and given a nice refurb.
  3. Innoventions West appears to be totally demolished in this rendering and is replaced by what appears to be a park with a lot of green space. Say goodbye to Starbucks, Ice Station Cool and the Character Fun Spot.
  4. Innoventions East also looks to be totally demolished, but if you look closely at #4, there does appear to be a structure that will be built.  It could be a modified version of MouseGears or even the Electric Umbrella
  5. As we know, the Energy Pavilion will be taken over by a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. Conspicuously out of view on this rendering, is the back of the Energy Pavilion, which has been rumored to be used for an expansion of the Guardians ride
  6. The entrance of the Wonders of Life Pavilion appears to be modified in this rendering when compared to its current state.  We are going to go out on a limb and predict that this is because the Wonders of Life pavilion will be used (at least part of it) to house the new Mission Space table service restaurant.
  7. We are predicting that this will be a new over the counter restaurant or refreshment stand, due to its position on the water and what appears to be people outside possibly eating. (Maybe replacing Electric Umbrella)
  8. This appears to be a new location for a shop, refreshment stand or possibly a meet and greet area.  (Maybe replacing, MouseGears, Starbucks, Character Fun Spot)
  9. We are predicting this as an attraction, due to its size and positioning.  This could very well be a massive store as well.
  10. Notice the many occurrences of lighted fountains in the water.  Are these for aesthetic purposes, or is Disney hinting at a new "World of Color" style nighttime show for Epcot?
  11. This item has many Disney enthusiasts puzzled.  It appears to be an elevated deck with a pool or pond of some sort in the middle.  Is this just fish tank, or could it be some sort of interactive entertainment.
  12. A more defined look at the "park" that will be replacing Innoventions West.  Can anyone say "Figment's Imagination Forest"?  (you heard it here first)
  13. This area is very interesting, as it shows what looks like a hedge maze of some sort.  Is this just an aesthetically placed item, or is it actually a maze that visitors can explore?  In this area, also take note that the Imagination pavilion is out of sight.  This is likely on purpose, as we have heard rumblings that Figment is getting ousted from the pavilion for a massive "inside Out" makeover.

While some of what we have stated is pure speculation, we think some of it is sure to come to fruition.  Let us know what you think about the items and modifications in the new Future World. 

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