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Let's Do Our Part


This is not something that I ever thought i'd be putting into a Sorcerer Radio article, but I just want to let you all know that we are aware of life outside of Disney.

At Sorcerer Radio, we know that we are an outlet for many of you and a bridge to your happy place, when you are at work, home, in the car, or even quarantined from normal life.

We promise to bring you as much magic as we can pack into our little corner of the internet as possible. Our staff is working overtime to make big things happen, and to make this quarantine time as "magical" as we can.

We will continue to keep driving ourselves to bring you all of the Disney entertainment that we can. We only ask one thing of you. Please take CDC guidelines seriously and try to follow them whenever possible. If we all do this, we can overcome this in a faster and safer manner.

Thank you all for letting us entertain you during these crazy times. 

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