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"Home" Album Released!


DJ Sorcey has been hard at work for over a year to bring you some new Disney remixes and original songs you can jam to. The album features favorites, such as "Monorail Bounce" and "Phoenician Phuture", but also features 14 new EDM/Electronic tracks.  

The long awaited "Home" album is now available via Bandcamp as well as on Soundcloud.  Check out the album track listing below.


1. forever young (jazz mix) ft. audra mae
2. strange things (tropical mix)
3. phoenician phuture
4. monorail bounce
5. mouse trap
6. dig it up
7. define dancing
8. move the people
9. elastigirl (stretch mix)
10. smallz world
11. raining sheets ft. kelly drummond
12. sweet serendipity (project76) ft. lyndsey elm
13. mushu's mix
14. chuckles story
15. big summer blowout
16. monorail bounce (summer mix)

"Home" Music and Merch

Download on Bandcamp

Full album download, containing 16 MP3s and album artwork


Stream on Soundcloud

Stream entire album as a playlist.


"Home" Album T-shirt

This special limited edition "Home" shirt is available to commemorate the latest album release from Sorcey. The front of the shirt is emblazoned with the main design from the cover of the "Home" album and on the back is the official Sorcey logo.

Shirt is available in Black or White

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