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The Hoop Dee Doo Revue ... Review

The Hoop Dee Doo Revue ... Review

The Hoop Dee Doo Revue is a great dinner show at the Fort Wilderness Lodge. For about $50 per adult, you can go to an all you can eat, all you can drink dinner show that is funny, good entertainment, and very filing.

                The show is western themed with the Pioneer Players entertaining the dinner guest a few times a night, seven days a week. You might want to eat light on that day so you can enjoy the all you can eat and drink. You also might want to start off the night with the right choice of alcoholic beverage which is bottomless. Draft Beer, Wine, and Sangria are offered in pitchers (by special request) and you can drink all night if you can stomach a filling meal in between drinks. The main course is fried chicken and BBQ ribs. I found the Fried chicken incredible and the BBQ sauce was good. The other sides include mash potatoes, BBQ beans, and steamed vegetables. But you won’t need too much of that, the fried chicken is the best.


                The Pioneer Players interact with the audience, ask you where you are from and tell jokes. They also kind of single out people with good humored intentions. The show is loud and the skits are funny. The choreography between the crowd interacting actors and the wait staff is impressive. There are very few problems or run ins. The food and beer stream out of the back onto your dinner plates in between skits and performances.


                No tipping needed. The cost you pay when ordering tickets online is the total you must fork out. The cost for my group of three was about $170. There was probably some type of service fee. The seating is separated between balcony, and two tiers of floor tables. Tables outlying the floor and tables on the floor. They apparently didn’t sell out that night we ate there and instead of sitting where we paid, on the balcony, we were placed at a table in the 2nd tier floor. Pioneer players interact with all floor tables and no balcony tables. The back rows of the dining hall were empty that night. Before entering the Pioneer Hall, they get your tickets by name from a concierge outside the hall. That’s all you present to the hostess before the show starts and you never must reach for a wallet after the initial tickets are paid for on www.disneyworld.com.


                Overall the show was funny, the food was good, and the cost not too high for a family of three. We paid for entertainment and a lot of food and that’s what we got. You must prepare to get there early, because the easiest way to get to that area of Fort Wilderness is to take a bus from your hotel to Magic Kingdom, then take the boat from Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness lodge. I do not recommend taking the Fort Wilderness bus as there are a lot of stops and the layout of the camp grounds covers a large area. Let me know what you think of the Hoop Dee Doo Revue in the Fun Zone or on twitter @JeremyLArena.

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