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Festival of the Masters Canceled for 2014

Festival of the Masters Canceled for 2014

As of August 20th, Disney has officially announced that the 39th annual Festival of the Maters has been canceled for this coming November, due to the ongoing construction of Disney Springs. There has been no information, as of yet, if this will also impact next year’s event.

There are a few speculations as to why this event cannot be moved. Disney held off as long as possible before canceling and wanted to see if there would be enough room to host the event. The main reason for having it in Downtown Disney is because it is more contained. It wouldn’t spill out to the parking lot and they could, if needed, use all of Downtown Disney to spread everyone out.

Unfortunately, due to space and safety reasons, there is no other alternate venue to host the event. Keeping the festival where it is would be the best bet for them, even if that means canceling the festival for this year. It is understandable that many people, who know about the Festival of the Masters, could very well be upset with the cancellation.

The Festival of the Masters is an event held in the beginning of November. There are artists out displaying and selling all of their Disney works they have created. Visitors can tour the virtual outdoor art museum, and can buy the works directly from the artists. Last year, the Festival of the Masters had over 300 artists displaying and showing their works. 

I, myself will miss the Festival, but with the coming of Disney Springs, it was in Disney’s best interest to put the Festival on a temporary reprieve until everything is completed. The future of the Festival of the Masters seems bright with the completed Disney Springs on the horizon.

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