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The disaster coming to the Epcot skyline... the "GoG Box"


Let me just set the ground work quickly.  I'm an Epcot purist... Now, that does not mean that I hate changes to Epcot, or that I'm not looking forward to the upcoming changes to Future World, etc. But I am an Epcot purist in the sense that, I can appreciate the initial idea of Future World and what it was meant to be.   The theme park "Epcot", not Walt's vision of Epcot, was meant to be an innovative, immersive and educational exploration in to what the future holds for us.  This is obviously a tough thing to keep up with, since science and technology change daily, but there are some basic ideas that can last and be useful in educating and entertaining mobs of people without having to refurb attractions every month. 

Epcot is getting a long overdue rehab in the coming years, and this is very exciting for me, even as an Epcot purist.  But with the injection of Guardians of the Galaxy, Frozen and even Nemo into the park, I think Imagineers have just thrown in the towel when it comes to the "idea" of Epcot the theme park.  Add that to the lack of awareness surrounding the Epcot skyline and we could have a disaster on the way. Ok, that's a bit extreme, but I have your attention now.

Take a look at this image, as taken by BIORECONSTRUCT on twitter. 

The new Guardians of the Galaxy building is towering over Future World and I guess my worry is that it is going to end up looking like the Rock n' Rollercoaster "box" from Hollywood Studios.  This kind of "box" works at DHS due to it being a masked as a sounds stage.  

I'm not so sure how Imagineers are planning on jazzing up the Guardians of the Galaxy box but I really hope that it can be blended a bit better than they did with the Soarin' "let's paint it sky blue" idea.

Nothing says beauty like staring over the World Showcase Lagoon from the shores of the France Pavilion and enjoying the majestic beauty of the "GoG box" towering over Spaceship Earth.

Maybe they can theme it like a futuristic hospital building... <ducks>

I am optimistic that the Imagineers will prove me wrong and come up with some amazing themeing for the "GoG box", but let's be honest... it looks a tad heinous at the moment.

So what do you think?  Will the Imagineers be able to beautify the GoG Box?

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