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Epcot Map '82 : A Blast from the past

Epcot Map '82 : A Blast from the past

Through the course of time, things are bound to change. This is a tough lesson to learn, especially for Walt Disney World die-hards. As I was reading through the plethora of Frozen/Norway articles, I began to think about the beginning of Epcot and how it has changed. I pulled up an old Epcot map from when the park first opened and noticed that the park is really just a shell of it's former self.


Some of the obvious differences are the non-existence of The Wonders of Life Pavilion, The Living Seas Pavilion and the Norway Pavilion (see die-hards, it's not even an Epcot original). Here is where I duck for cover.

If we look at the map further, we can see that the originals, as they were back when Epcot opened, are virtually all gone. World of Motion, Horizons, the destruction of Journey into Imagination (twice), etc. The only real exceptions are some of the countries in the World Showcase, and I think this is what has Epcot fans so upset about the Norway/Frozen rumors.

The World Showcase is one of the last bastions of originality and WDW pureness. When you arrive at the World Showcase, you know what to expect as it transports you to a nostalgic past immediately. The World's Fair feel has adjusted a little over time, but the basic bones of the entire concept are still in tact and that's why many Epcot fans love the World Showcase.

As an Epcot fan, the World Showcase always use to fascinate me. It is so intricately correct that it boggles the mind. I love the architecture, the unique food and the country-specific castmembers. It is such a unique experience and it's one that never fails to impress.

I understand that time changes all things, and I'm not sure I like the idea of Norway being overrun by Frozen characters. But one thing that I do know, is that no matter what, I will always enjoy The World Showcase and the unique experience it brings.

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