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Ellen comes face-to-face with her Epcot animatronic


Ellen DeGeneres got a least a little bit of Disney magic for her 60th birthday. In Friday's episode of her talk show, she came face-to-face with her alleged animatronic double, the one removed years ago from Ellen's Energy Adventure at Epcot.

As part of the birthday festivities shown during "The Ellen Show," a big wrapped box containing a figure dressed like her animatronic was rolled out. It was said to be from her writers. A note called this a "heart-warming reunion with all that remains."

The box was opened to reveal a figure with brown pants, red T-shirt and blue shirt. The head had wildly disheveled hair and bugged-out eyes.

"Is this real? This is … me?" DeGeneres said. She wasn't laughing. "This is not real. This is the robot they used for Ellen's Energy Adventure? … That is so offensive." 

The audience was laughing.

She questioned the clothing, through a split screen with the Epcot shot and the birthday figure showed the likeness. A voice from off-screen said the pants and T-shirt were real.

"Did they try to dress it like a bad lesbian? Is that on purpose?"

A Walt Disney World said Friday the company did not send the figure to the show; it was merely a gag from the "Ellen" staff.

DeGeneres had asked to be reunited with the figure when news broke last year that the attraction was closing. But today, she said this figure "could star in a horror movie."

Her Epcot attraction is being replaced by a "Guardians of the Galaxy" attraction.

"I was wondering why so many people go 'You look great for 60.' Well, they think I look like that," DeGeneres said.

The birthday episode also included a remote shot with Justin Timberlake, who is preparing for his Super Bowl halftime performance, and a performance by DNCE.

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