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What's coming to Walt Disney World? A Lot!


If you missed the Disney parks panel last night during the D23 Expo, you missed out on a TON of interesting news and park updates.  But fear not, we have you covered with all of the new additions.

Magic Kingdom 

Tron Lightcylcle

The Magic Kingdom will be getting a replica of the Tron Lightcylcle ride that is a park favorite in the Disney Shanghai park.  The coaster will be positioned in the empty lad that is behind the Tomorrowland Speedway.

Main Street Theater

 A new theater will be added to Main Street USA.  The theater will be based off of the famous Willis theater.  No other information was given about what will play inside of this new building.


 Future World

One of the biggest stories of the night, was the entire re-imagining of Epcot's Future World.  While we were not given too many specifics, we were teased with this rendering of the new area that shows a lot of changes.

​Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction

The highliy anticipated Guardians of the Gallaxy attraction is now a reality, and will take the place of Ellen's Energy Adventure in the current pavilion.

Mission Space Dining Experience

In what was a surprise announcement, it was announced that Mission Space will receive a sit down restaurant that will give users the experience of dining while in space.

Mission Space Green Overhaul

The Green side of the Mission Space ride will be redone to be more kid friendly and will be like "Soarin' over Earth".  No further details were given about this.

 Ratatouille Ride

While this was highly rumored to be happening, the D23 Expo put the rumor to rest and confirmed that the Ratatouille ride that is currently in Disneyland Paris, will be making its way to the France pavilion

New China Circlevision

A new movie and experience is on the way to China.  The long running Circlevision show will receive a much needed overhaul.

​​Hollywood Studios

 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Disney revealed a lot more information about the new Star Wars land that is being build in Hollywood Studios.  Below is some of the new information.

- The official name was revealed and is "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge"
- The Millenium Falcon attraction appears to be a simulator style ride
- Rex (the driver from the original Star Tours) will make an appearance, as a DJ, in the new Cantina
- A large scale model of the entire Star Wars land was revealed and on display.  A point of view video was also shown and gave an amazing perspective of how detailed the area will be.

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway

 The hot rumor for the past month was that the Great Movie Ride was going to be gutted for a new Mickey Mouse ride.  This came to fruition last night when they revealed "Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway" attraction.  The ride will take you on a wild train ride, wth Goofy as your conductor.  The Great Movie Ride will be gutted to make was for this "very large" attraction.  The Great Movie ride will shut down on August 13th of this year.  It was also stated that this ride will contain the most hidden mickeys in any of the Disney parks.

Toy Story Land

Confirmed that Toy Story land will open Summer 2018 

Other Resort Additions 

Disney Skyline

The gondolas are coming!  It was widely rumored that this was going to happen, and with all of the construction going on around WDW property, we all saw the writing on the wall.  The Disney Skyline will transport guests from select resorts to the Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot parks. 

Disney Uber - Minnie Vans

Disney is taking the plunge into the world of Uber, and will be offering guests a pay option to transport themselves to the parks.... they are called "Minnie Vans"... yes, the name is cute. 

Star Wars Luxury Resort

It's been rumored for some time, but it is definitely happening.  The new Star Wars luxury resort will immerse guests into an experience like nothing anyone has seen before.  While the information is limited on this, Disney is hinting that this will be a huge draw for the resort. 

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