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Disney tinkers with Hollywood Studios parking

Disney tinkers with Hollywood Studios parking

If you've been turned away from the parking lot at Disney's Hollywood Studios lately, you might have thought that the theme park was at its capacity ... or that its parking lot was full. You might have been wrong.


Disney World has adjusted its usual parking procedures for Hollywood Studios in recent weeks. Some guests have been asked to park instead in the Epcot lot and then return to the Studios via bus, boat or walkway. 


The final year of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is bringing more attention -- and possibly attendance -- to the Studios. The attraction is switched on around dusk, and many visitors arrive about that time, a Disney World spokeswoman said this week. 


Early arrivers sometimes have been redirected to Epcot. This is an attempt to ease traffic flow during the peak, late-afternoon period, she said. Leaving slots available at the Studios helps alleviate that crunch time, but it is contrary to the accustomed first-come-first-parked method. But Disney is not using this system every day, and there is no way for en-route drivers to tell if they should go directly to Epcot instead of the Hollywood Studios lot. Guests should be prepared for the possibility throughout the holidays.Inside, crowds also have packed the park's Streets of America, home of the Osborne lights, so it is suggested that visitors allow extra time for parking and moving to and through the attraction. It also pays to note beforehand the Hollywood Studios' closing time, which ranges between 8 p.m. and midnight during this time of year.The lights show, complete with seasonal songs and choreographed flashing, remains in place through Jan. 3. It's included in regular Hollywood Studios admission.

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