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CDC Mask Recommendation, Free Mask Options & Disney Themed Neck Gaiter/Mask Combo Available


The CDC is recommending that all persons use some sort of face covering when they leave home. 

Demand is high for the surgical N95 masks that medical professionals need to use.  Please DO NOT purchase a N95 mask unless you are a medical professional, or have been instructed to do so, by a medical professional.

Homemade masks, neck gaiters, bandanas and scarfs will suffice, per the CDC's latest recommendations.  You can make these for free if you have material laying around your house. 
Link to Free Bandana Mask Tutorial

In following with our "Doing our part" theme, Sorcerer Radio is offering Disney themed Neck Gaiters / Mask / Bandana combo that you can utilize as well.  Below are some of the themes that we are offering.   
You can purchase these versatile neck gaiter / bandanas in our Etsy shop

NOTE: These are non-medical face coverings.

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