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Disney Springs

Disney Springs

" Its something that will never be finished.  Something that I can keep developing and adding to.."  of course this was a quote by our beloved Walt Disney talking about Disneyland. This idea even after his death has been the mantra for Disney Imagineers and of all those that love Disney.  Its what has created parks, grown ideas, developed new and innovative attractions, and most of all stimulated our minds into the ever need of wanting more.  More what you ask?  More of everything...

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Disney Springs, is a prime example of Walt Disney's idea and imagination.  The area now known as Downtown Disney, began a humble beginning in March of 1975 as Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, and was renamed Walt Disney World Village in 1977.  Pleasure Island opened as a major expansion in May of 1989 (same day as MGM Studios opened) and later that year the eastern side was renamed The Disney Village Marketplace.  Then after a major renovation with shop enhancements in September of 1997  the area we now know as Downtown Disney was renamed.

 As with all things moving forward Disney Springs was announced in March of 2013,( despite an earlier herald of a project named Hyperion Wharf), with grandiose models and Matisse like concept drawings and art, the project was presented by Tom Staggs.

Were we excited? Maybe with some trepidation and wariness. With hope, pixie dust and a lot of construction walls this newest rolling out of a Disney shopping and restaurant village will be one of the best yet. So lets keep moving forward.



Here we can see the skeletal version of what should be the crown jewel of the waterfront ! It should be pointed out that Disney Springs is based on the timeless and vibrant place's that celebrates the turn of the century lakeside towns that dotted the Florida landscape, Disney Springs is made up four neighborhoods and they are as follows :

     TOWN CENTER-  Shopping and dining along with a promenade where guests can relax and take in the vistas of the water and Saratoga Springs resort as the backdrop.

     THE LANDING-   a commercial district with inspired dinning and beautiful waterfront views

     MARKETPLACE-  An over the water pedestrian causeway, distinct shopping, and an expanded World of Disney Store

     WESTSIDE -  Lively entertainment, along with a series of new elevated spaces that provides shade and an overlook to the activities below.

Some of the other added interesting projects consist of a new gateway with a signature water tower, with a grand and stylish entryway.  Lake Buenavista drive will go from 7 to ten lanes, two multi-level garages with capacity of 4,000 cars, two pedestrian bridges that will facilitate easier access to the Marketplace and Westside.  One of the best facets of the infrastructure to Disney Springs it will have its own direct entryway from I-4.    


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  Even now, you can enjoy the promenade that will take you on a scenic and relaxing walk around the lake, enjoy the food trucks with their savory and delicious selection of foods and beverages taken from some of the most delectable menus of Walt Disney Word restaurants and even catch some tastes of EPCOT's Food and Wine.

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    Be patient completion is not till 2016. Upon that completion the downtown area will transform from 75 to more than 150 shopping, dining, and entertainment venues but in the meantime enjoy what is there now, don't look at the walls as something that's interrupting your view but look at it and try to imagine the wonderful sights you will see when it is all done.


     Thank you to the Disney Parks Blog and the Disney Corporate Press releases for contributing information to this blog.


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