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Disney, front and center on the new iPhone6 and Apple Watch

Disney, front and center on the new iPhone6 and Apple Watch

Yesterday was a big day for Apple, as it unveiled the new iPhone6, iPhone6+ and the highly anticipated Apple Watch.  But for Disney fans, it was hard to not notice some new Disney-like additions to Apple's new lineup.

One featured addition that was a huge push for Apple was "Apple Pay".  When Apple dropped the news and specs of "Apple Pay", it had Disney fans smirking... "hmmm, sounds a lot like MagicBands". 

During the presentation, Tim Cook was also pleased to announce that "Apple Pay" would make it's big debut at Walt Disney World when the program launches, in October. 


"Apple Pay makes shopping fast and easy for guests and simplifies the check-out process for our cast members,"  a Walt Disney World spokesperson said. "Our guests are going to love the convenience of Apple Pay, which will bring an easy, secure and private way to make purchases at Disney Store and Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney is also adding "Apple Pay" to their Disney stores in time for Christmas.

Another big announcement for Apple was the introductions of the Apple Watch.  Disney was quick to make an appearance in this part of the presentation as well, as Mickey was a featured face of the Apple Watch.


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