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Disney Animal Poop Treats Pulled Due to Guest Complaints

Disney Animal Poop Treats Pulled Due to Guest Complaints

On June 16th, Disney rolled out a unique treat at Zurie's Sweet Shop, located in the Harambe Market at Disney's Animal Kingdom park. The treats resembled animal poop and gained a lot of attention from fans and critics alike.

While the Disney animal poop looked objectionable, they were actually tasty treats that some guest were taking a liking to.  It turns out that some guests are not really ready for poop treats that taste delicious.

While Disney has failed to release a formal statement, rumor is that the animal poop has been removed because of guest complaints.

The poop treats retailed for $3.99 a serving and came in four flavors; giraffe, elephant, tamarin and hippo.

The giraffe dung was  a rolled fudge brownie with fresh caramel, while the elephant poo was a chocolate peanut butter fudge with rolled oats and yellow coconut flakes on top. The tamarin poop, was made up of pretzel pearls coated in peanut butter fudge, and the hippo version was chocolate fudge brownie with peanut butter.

An insider has stated that the poop could return in the future.

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