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Day 5: Sorcerer Radio's 5 Days of Christmas

Day 5: Sorcerer Radio's 5 Days of Christmas

Gift 5: A New Radio Channel

This year was the first time we added and entire new channel to the Sorcerer Radio lineup (Santa Radio) and we were pleasantly surprised to see the amazing response.  

With the success of Santa, many have asked, "What will happen to the channel after the Christmas holidays?" Santa will be retired until next year, but we are excited to announce our latest channel addition to the Sorcerer Radio lineup, "Atmospheres." 

Atmospheres is something that many of our listeners have been asking for, for years.  When you tune in to Atmospheres, you will be immersed in the four main Disney World parks.  Imagine walking through Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and the Hollywood studios... when you close your eyes, what to you hear?  That's "Atmospheres" and we are excited for you to hear it on January 2nd, 2019.

Atmospheres will be available on the Sorcerer Radio online players, Sorcerer Radio iPhone app, Simple Radio for Android, Simple Radio for Alexa and Roku.  We will be working throughout the year to bring it to more platforms.

Are you looking forward to "Atmospheres"?

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