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Day 4: Sorcerer Radio's 5 Days of Christmas

Day 4: Sorcerer Radio's 5 Days of Christmas

Gift 4: A New Weekly Schedule

Here at Sorcerer Radio, we take great pride in all of the wonderful shows and Disney music programs that we develop and we look to the listeners for feedback on those shows.  Some of our ideas are great and some... not so much, but we are always evolving and trying to get the best mix of Disney music for you, the listener. And with that being said, we are really excited about our new schedule for 2019.  

In our recent feedback survey, Sorcerer Radio listeners wanted more Disney classic music, more Epcot and Magic Kingdom times and less of some other programs.  

So here are some of the changes.

  • Good Morning WDW" will be changed to "Good Morning Disney" and will be 3 hours with its new format.
  • Of course, "Cinemusic", our newest show will be featured multiple times during the week.
  • Epcot and Magic Kingdom Hours will still play at their normal times, but will also get additional times during the week
  • More times for the program "Disney Classics"
  • "Bedtime Disney" will expand from 4 hours to 5 hours, for our west coast listeners.
  • Saturdays will be mostly show free, and will play a random mix of our entire Disney World database.
  • "Into the Sunset" show will be changing names to "Disney Cruising"
  • We will have a big change with two of our hosted shows, but we will not be revealing that until after Christmas.

The new Sorcerer Radio schedule begins on January 2nd, 2019.

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