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Day 3: Sorcerer Radio's 5 Days of Christmas

Day 3: Sorcerer Radio's 5 Days of Christmas

Gift 3: A New Show Called "Cinemusic"!

Disney is known for its fantastic theme parks, but Disney made its mark with its special Disney brand of movies.  And while we pay tribute to Disney movies every week with our "Animation Courtyard" program, as well as playing movie music that pops up in the Disney parks, we wanted to go even further.

"Cinemusic" will be an entire hour long music block that will feature Disney movie music that you can hear in the movie theaters as well as the movie music that you may hear in the Disney theme parks.

One cool thing about Cinemusic is that it will be constantly expanding.  Our current Cinemusic database houses 9 hours of music... and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast library of Disney movie music. 

Cinemusic will play multiple times per week and will start to appear on the Sorcerer Radio schedules beginning on January 2nd, 2019.

Let us know, are you looking forward to this addition to the Sorcerer Radio lineup?

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