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Day 2: Sorcerer Radio's 5 Days of Christmas

Day 2: Sorcerer Radio's 5 Days of Christmas

Gift 2: A new and easy way to request music for the Lunchtime Request Hour !

The "Lunchtime Request Hour" has been a listener favorite since we brought the show bak, a few years ago.  Who would not love to be a Disney Dj and have their music choices played on air?  One thing that was mentioned to us, was that the listeners wanted a better way to request music for the show.  Well, wish granted.

Gone are the days of requesting via Twitter.  Beginning on January 2nd, you will be able to access a widget on the Sorcerer Radio website players that will allow you to request your songs.  You will also be able to request music via the iOS and Android "push" that we send out weekly for the show.

The request widget widget will go live every Wednesday morning and will be turned off after every live showing of LRH.

Below are the standard and basic rules that will be applied to the new request system:

- You are allowed 1 request per week.
- Requests will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
- If your request is over 7 minutes in length, it will be moved further down the request queue.

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