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13 Reasons Disney Parks Fans Still Love Horizons Today

13 Reasons Disney Parks Fans Still Love Horizons Today

Yesterday was a special day in Disney history. Not only was it the anniversary of Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Contemporary Resort, but the fan-favorite attraction Horizons also opened October 1, 1983.


The attraction opened in 1983 (and ended its run in 1999) to offer a look into what future living, work, learning, entertainment and more might look like, based on the hopeful theme, “If we can dream it, we can do it!”

Here are 13 reasons why we just can’t let go of this attraction. Jump on the Omnimover (in your mind) and let’s go…


The FUTUREPORT DEPARTURE sign in the queue line could make you feel like exploring even the farthest destinations in space was possible. A quick trip to Mesa Verde or Brava Centauri, anyone?


In a home of the future, just about anything was possible, thanks to robots who cooked, cleaned and even took care of one’s personal grooming.
Robot Butler from The Horizons Attraction at Epcot Robot Butler from The Horizons Attraction at Epcot
Horizons made us dream of having a robot butler. I’d still take one, especially this charmingly dressed chap who handled dusting and vacuuming.


And the idea of a robot chef was awesome. Who cares if he made a mess? He’s fully equipped to clean up after himself.


Of course, fun tasks like making a birthday cake could still be done by (human) hand.


That orange smell!


Who didn’t want to test out the piano of the future or the home’s hologram phone?


Who wouldn’t want their school to feature deep sea exploration in “the world of liquid space” with seals by their side?


Horizons workspaces were literally out of this world.


Gravity was optional! (I always wondered if Tommy got his teddy bear back).


Celebrating birthdays with loved ones all over the galaxy was possible. We can’t forget about the part of the attraction where guests could choose their own adventure. Destinations included the Omnimover for Desert (Mesa Verde), Space (Omega Centauri) or Sea (Sea Castle Resort). Which was your destination of choice? Tell us in the comments section below!


Next to the original Journey Into Imagination attraction, Horizons had one of the coolest post-show paths. (The bright light at the end was a spinning GE symbol, the then-sponsor of the attraction).

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