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10 Disney Details with Eric Allen

 It's time for another edition of Disney Details! This week we are featuring Voice Over Artist and Show Host, Eric Allen. You can get to know Eric a little better below and listen to him host the Sorcom Review on Wednesdays!

Eric Allen: Host of the Sorcom Review on Sorcerer Radio Wednesdays

#1. Favorite Ride: Star Tours. "LIGHT SPEED TO ENDOR!!!!!"

#2. Favorite Movie: Today it's "The Incredibles." Tomorrow it might be something totally different.

#3. Favorite Park: Epcot

#4. Favorite Song: "A Perfect World" from "The Emperor's New Groove." Animated Tom Jones for the win!

#5. Favorite Character: Professor Ludwig von Drake. Or Launchpad McQuack.

#6. Favorite Snack: three words: BIG. HONKING. PRETZEL.

#7. Favorite Resort: Wilderness Lodge

#8. Favorite Place to Eat: Biergarten at Epcot

#9 One extinct ride you wish would return:Horizons.

#10.Top Item on your Disney Must Do List: GO BACK! I haven't set foot in a Disney park for over 5 years now!

Trivia Tidbit -- I'm a former Jeopardy! champion thanks in large part to a "Disney Film Voices" category. Also tried out for the Jeopardy! college tournament in 1992 at Disney-MGM Studios, where I first met Alex Trebek.

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@SorComReview and @uncleservo on Twitter 

 Tune in next week to learn more about your favorite Sorcerer DJ's and be sure to tune into Sorcerer Radio for all your Disney Parks music needs!

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